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Lady Courtney Marable


Lady Courtney Marable, is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. She was educated in the Metropolitian Davidson County School system, where she attended the Hunters Lane Comprehensive High school as well as attended Tennessee State University and Bethel Universities Nashville TN, satellite campus where 

Business Administration-Mgt was her concentration. 

Lady Courtney accepted Christ at an early age and admits growing up she had NO choice as it related to attending church. She has always been very active within the local church, community and other organizations connected to the local church. Those who truly know her can attest that she’s always had a 

yearning and a love for speaking life and reaching out to the hopeless especially young people. Because of her own personal victories, she LIVES as a witness that in life, the things that were meant to WOUND will actually cause you to WIN! 


Lady Courtney was humbled and honored with the opportunity to become a part of a group called D. I.V.A.S. This stands for Divine Individuals Visioned as Success, which works to empower and speak to our young females letting them know that God loves them, He is with them and they too can do ALL things through Christ that strengthens them. She believes Gods WORD, LOVE and TRANSPARENCY is what this generation needs in order to move them from where they currently are to where God has ordained for them to be. She is a firm believer that as adults it’s our rightful duty to assist these young people in fulfilling ALL God has ordained their lives to be. One of her favorite scriptures is Romans 8:28; and “we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Simply saying, God can use your deepest pain as the launching pad for your greatest calling.


On August 28, 2010, Lady Courtney and Pastor Jerry D. Marable became ONE in Holy Matrimony. She faithfully prays for her husband, encourages and supports him in all his efforts to advance the Kingdom of God. She believes in the calling and gifts the Lord has placed upon him and is very proud to see how God has blessed him and his ministry. Her hobbies are: Reading, Singing , Bowling, Shopping, Traveling and Mentoring. While working for Life Way Christian Resources as Project Editor, she also discovered a love for writing. Since then she was afforded with an opportunity to write for an online magazine called Kingdom Living. Her articles are entitled, “Don’t Lose Sight of Your Purpose” and “It’s Just a Test”. Lady Courtney enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends.

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